Chilli Powder: Is it too Hot or not enough heat

Making a curry or chilli can be a minefield when it comes to adding chilli powder, more so for a family as there's always one who can't bear spicy food and sticks to a Korma and then at the opposite end of the spectrum you have one who loves the heat and if they are cooking they end up torturing everyone else with a meal that represents lava. 

when the realisation comes across you that the meal is too hot there are ways to bring down the heat again without having to remake the meal, these are simple alterations that can make your guests or family not end up drinking loads of milk or water to cool their taste buds.

Chillies And Curry's

Chillies are a great meal for tweaking the heat as there can already be lots of additions, you can easily add an extra can of chopped tomatoes or pulses like kidney beans (just makes sure you keep the chilli to the consistency you are happy with)

Alternatively you can add sugar, specifically brown sugar, Sugar help neutralise the heat of the chilli bringing it to a more palatable level. Add with caution though and start with just a teaspoon as the flavour profile can quickly tip over to being too sweet and then you have to make more amendments to bring it back.

Seafood And Chicken

These are very delicate meats and seafood even more so, they don't take much spice to make a difference when they have too much it can ruin a meal, for this you need to use an opposite flavouring and sour is perfect, lemon or lime juice will work perfectly and can be a great plate side garnish or on the table for people with a milder tastebuds.

Bulking Up

One of the best ways and this really helps if you have freezer space or like to batch cook, you can just make more of the meal you are making by adding more of the ingredients except chilli powder, ironically you may need to add some more in if the extra ingredients have calmed the chilli down to the heat of a damp squib.


Have no fear if the lid of the chilli powder pot falls off into your cooking it's not the end of the world! these are just some of the great solutions.