100g Peeled Black Garlic

Peeled Black Garlic

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Our black garlic cloves come peeled and sealed in secure packaging to keep them fresh and the aroma intact. The garlic cloves can be used in fine dining dishes, oriental cuisine, or homemade recipes as a whole, crushed, or as a fine powder, giving your recipes a unique aroma and balance, examples being a tasty black garlic pasta dish or a great sauce from a roux. Our black garlic is made by following a special traditional preparation process that gives the cloves a mild taste and delicate texture to transform your dishes into delightful treats. 

Some of the amazing features of this product:

    • Peeled black garlic cloves
    • Fresh and natural
    • Mild sweet syrupy taste
    • Sticky texture
    • Discrete notes of tamarind
    • Intense black colour
    • Ideal for meat, poultry, vegetable dishes, salads, and more
    • Can be crushed or powdered and used as spices

You will love the superb flavour and balanced taste of our black garlic!


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